Mandat International

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Mandat International: the organisation

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Mandat International was founded in 1995 as an association under Swiss law and transformed in 2004 into a foundation which pursues goals of public utility. It is strictly independent of any political or religious affiliation.

It is governed by its Council of Foundation and seconded by a Consultative Committee which is composed of around 20 people actives in international organisations and NGOs throughout all spheres of activity of the international arena.

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  • To promote international dialogue and cooperation.
  • To welcome, inform and facilitate the participation of non-governmental representatives in international conferences.
  • To support and provide budget accommodation to delegates from developing countries.
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The organisation relies on the following resources:

  • A majority of our projects are financially supported by our public partners.
  • We rely on significant in kind contributions from volunteers, members, interns and others.
  • A part of our equipment is given to us by mutual aid projects and by businesses.
  • International Organisations and NGOs provide us free of charge with a large amount of documentation that normally has to be paid for.
  • Support members pay us subscriptions.
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Our office is located near the UN premises in Geneva. To get there, click here.

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